Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Little Secret..............

I am house obsessed.
I admit I have a problem.
Did you know that I watched As Good As It Gets last night on MUTE?
Just so I could have no distractions and could fully concentrate on the house?
Yes - there is something wrong with me!

I have been helping my friend Mindy re-do her house top to bottom.
(Her house flooded then caught on fire)
I have loved every minute of it.
I know it's horrible and hard for her to be displaced of pretty much everything she owns.
But it has been so fun finding and picking out everything new!
I mean - how often do you get to do a complete house remodel for FREE?!

I have realized that I want to do this - all the time.
Build houses, remodel houses, decorate houses, create and beautify.
It's also helpful when I'm doing it with other peoples money (wink)

I was at the molding and trim place finding the perfect door trim.
I told Mindy that she would get a job at Buckle so she could get the discount and
I would get a job at the molding place so I could have access to all the amazing trim.
Seriously I was dreaming BiG in there!
Can you crave molding - cause I was!

Anyway, it has been a fun self discovery learning experience for me.
Helping people - I love
Decorating - I love
Remodeling - I love
Anything that has to do with houses - I love

So if your house floods then catches on fire and you need to re-do everything.
Call me! I'll make it a fun experience I promise♥

here are a few of my new favorite house blogs:
the old painted cottage
the lettered cottage
frugal farm house design
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Ros said...

And so now it's my turn! Mindy's house burned?! and Flooded?! My heart is aching for that girl! Wow! I'm glad she has you to help her redo her house, and HOW FUN to do it together. I have been totally thinking about Mindy these past few weeks actually, and remember her rag painted walls she did back whe we were all the only ones out here.... hm.

Becca said...

Wow, what a project. I needed you 8 years ago when I was building my house. I hated making all those decisions. Anny and Kass helped me decorate once it was built, but deciding on all those little things was a headache.

Nikki said...

That is right up my alley. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!

idahohubers said...

Me too! I've looked at ONE of those blogs ... dang it now I have ideas brewing! 3 more blogs to go - do you think I can make it without totally hating on my house? :) (Add sarcasim here)

I LOVE making those kind of decisions. Jake swears he only wants to move once more and I hope it's into our own custom built home! I welcome those hundreds of detailed decisions with warm loving arms! If it ever happens you may have to come stay for a week or so!

Anny said...

I secretly would love for my house to burn (only if I could get my pictures and keepsakes out). I hope she didn't lose those things. I'm sure you are having the time of your life and are so good at it. Mindy is lucky to have you.