Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This morning I woke up hurting.
Darn arthritis!
Just yesterday I commented on how good I have been feeling to my brother Matt.
Maybe I shouldn't say things like that.
I think I may have jinxed myself.

It also may have to do with the fact that I have run out of my daily medicine and forgot to go pick it up yesterday before the pharmacy closed early. Another Darn! Can I also say that I hate my pharmacy! They are rushed and rude and forget to refill at least one of my prescriptions each and every month. It makes me hate going in there. I think I may have to switch....again. The last pharmacy was shorting me pills. How hard is it to count correctly when that's ALL YOU DO ALL DAY?? It wasn't once either. It was five times in a ROW! Yep - I told them one more time and I'm gone. I guess I didn't mean much to them since it happened one more time. I think I may try Sam's Club pharmacy. Do you think they know how to count and be nice?

Tonight we are taking the girls to a D-Backs game. Their 1st. Tom got great tickets so we are going to go have some fun. I'm sure we won't stay till the end. Bedtimes at 8pm and we have two sleeping beauties to attend to. I'll take some pictures and post 'em.

What are you doing tonight?
What pharmacy do you use and like?

P.S. I'm listening to Peter, Paul and Mary and loving them! Oh the childhood memories♥


uniquelynat said...

you'd think, since it's their job, they could do it right. sorry you are in pain today!

i would love to be doing something as fun as going to a game. no such luck. it's off to a girl scout monthly meeting for me. at the same time as addie's gymnastics, and ammon's meeting. so eph comes with me while ammon goes to his meeting, addie goes to gym and then to a friend's until i get home. oh what a night! have fun at your game!!

onehm said...

That pharmacy crud is the worst! I LOVE my pharmacy...we use CVS. Hope you guys enjoyed the game!

Crazymamaof6 said...

pharmacy. i love my nearest 24 hour walgreens. they know me there, i'm like famous or something. not really. but ya know it's nice that i don't even have to tell them my name before they go get our crud.

THEN my nearest CVS is delightful too. same thing. maybe it's because i go alot. for more than just me. but still.

i liked the costco out by you. but they didn't carry one of the boys meds. GAH! i hate that.
lame ness. i hate when they don't get it right. i am be super rude about it. but sometimes it's life or death, and sometimes it means pain or issues. crazy issues. but maybe the crazy is just me.

sounds fun. d backs game. rad.