Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Puddle Jumping Fun


 IMG_9511 rain girls

eating rain

We woke up Saturday to dark cloudy skies, loud thunder and rain.  Lots of rain!  It was so cozy lying in my nice warm comfy bed listening to the pouring rain.  I didn’t want to get up and start my day.  And I didn’t to be honest.  The girls slept in till 9:30 so I did too.  Why get up if you don’t have to right?  We then went outside to investigate since this kind of rain only comes once a year.  The girls decided to go change out of their PJ’s (since they were sopping wet) and put on rain gear.  Notice what they are wearing? 

Shorts and ski hats with the only jackets they own – well, Abby owns hers Cassidy is wearing my ski jacket.  We had a grand time in the 80 degree rain, playing in the gutters, catching rain on our tongues and catching worms for the garden.  Most of the neighbors were outside too enjoying the brief cooler temperatures. 

Summer here is like winter everywhere else.  We hibernate inside where it’s cool.  When the hot weather breaks (like it did this weekend) we come out of our caves and rekindle our neighborly friendships.  I can’t wait till we can stay outside without melting!!!  Tonight when I walked to get Abby from gymnastics I felt the cool weather coming………it’s not here yet……..but it’s coming.  I was happy and thought to myself,

“I made it through another summer!  And it wasn’t that bad.”



Nikki said...

Fun pictures! Love a good soak and the sound of rain and thunder.

You Arizonians crack me up. Was it down to like 75-80 degrees? :)

Anonymous said...

Cara, you are officially a "photographer":) Love all your pics! Love what you capture! Can't wait to see more....Laura Maroney

Becca said...

Great pictures! I love them. It is so fun playing in the rain.