Sunday, October 18, 2009

My "blog catch-up" will have to start tomorrow. I was planning on spending all day today blogging on the lap top but I have been in bed with a massive headache. I don't ever get headaches so it's been a new experience for me. Poor Tom was supposed to substitute as a primary teacher today and had to go to Church and tell them he had to teach my class instead. I felt so bad! Cassidy helped him and not only did she feel very important but she did an amazing job! She's growing up so fast!!!

This week I have a lot on my plate. The normal things like cleaning and laundry but also I have to finish painting Abby's room and paint Cassidy's bedroom furniture. I'm going to be brave and paint my great-grandparents bedroom set. It's beautiful in it's dark antique wood state but is in pretty bad shape. I think a nice new coat of white paint will give it a fresh new lease on life and will help it to last another 100 years! Don't worry, I got the battery in my cameras charged so I will take before and after pictures and post them.

I also have parent teacher conferences, family home evening, New Moon necklaces to make and a Halloween party to plan here and at school. Whew! I'm tired all ready and the week hasn't even begun!

I'm off to bed. Tomorrow for memory Monday I'll write about taking Tom to Time Out for Women. It's hilarious!!!!!!!

What's on your To-Do list this week? Anything out of the ordinary?


Christi said...

My to do list includes Jeff's B-day, parent teacher conferences, acheivement days, hosting a wedding luncheon, and my sister's wedding and reception. Whew! I better get some sleep! I hope your headache gets better.

Dancin Queen said...

:( Hope you feel better soon.

New Moon necklaces? Sounds like something I should copy and do too! Tell me more...

Tiffany said...

No problem Cara! I thought it was hilarious (minus that fact that you were sick, which I felt bad about!) It all worked out perfectly fine, so don't you worry about it! I hope you get to feeling better soon!
Tiffany :)

crystal said...

Would you make me some New Moon necklaces? I'm going opening night with my girlies and I want to surprise them?

How much? I'll totally pay ya.

crystal said...

Also, I demand tips on how to paint. Mike is overloaded & doesn't have time (yes--he's the general contractor who owns a sprayer and can do it in, like 15 minutes, but...)

Jack is 16 mos old and his room is PINK. That's just so wrong.