Monday, October 19, 2009

Memore Monday - Last Weekend

Last weekend was very busy. Thursday night I had book club here. I didn't realize how stressful having book club is. I haven't had it at my house for two years so I had forgotten how much work goes into it. I decorated for Halloween, did a little rearranging of rooms and vignettes, got a little snacky-snack for us to munch in. (I ordered a BIG cake of the yummy one we had for lunch the other day. It was to-die-divine!) We had a grand time and I picked The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I haven't started it yet but plan to this week.
Friday I helped in Abby's classroom. We made spider cupcakes, (they were so cute! good luck finding black string licorice - there isn't any to be found, I used black pipe cleaners instead)spider webs on a black paper plate with a hanging spider, (i don't have a picture)and spiders that hang from a string. They are learning about spiders this month. How fun is 1st grade? My word, to be a kid again!
After I got done from helping in the classroom I hurried off to help my neighbor decorate for a bridal shower. Blue and brown were the colors. I love a party that's for sure. I then hurried home and changed and got ready for a night out with the hubby.
**funny story alert**funny story alert**funny story alert**funny story alert**
Last year Monica and her hubby went to Time Out for Couples on Friday night then a bunch of us girls went to Time Out for Women on Saturday. It was so much fun we thought we would do it again. So Monica bought the tickets months in advance we got a posse together and off we went. We decided it would be fun to eat dinner downtown before we all (husbands included) went to Time Out for Couples. As we are walking up to the conference center people are staring. I looked GOOD but come on why all the stares?! I know my hubby is handsome but I was starting to get a little self conscious. We get up to the door and find out it's..............
What? The guy that sold Monica the tickets specifically told her she only needed one ticket per couple for the Friday night session. We decided to go in anyway and found seats on the back row in case we needed a quick escape. Our friends Annie and Aron were already there and boy was Aron worried we weren't going to show up. He was sitting with 1800 women and no other man in site! Talk about a brave hubby!!
We had fun listening to the speakers, laughing at all the people staring at us and laughing harder when Jarrod came back from using the restroom. He sat down and said, "there are NO men's bathrooms ANYWHERE! I finally went into the 15th women's bathroom full of nursing women and said, sorry ladies but I've got to go!" Oh my was it funny!
At one point during a break this older couple came up to one of the guys and said, "boy am I glad you guys are here I was feeling out of place!" Wouldn't you in a room full of the opposite sex?
We had a great time even though we were out of place. Tom said he has never been so motivated by "such fluff" before. I though that was the funniest part of the night!

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idahohubers said...

Hillarious! I bet you did look GOOD! Some of the stares must have been just for you :) Tom's comment is classic.