Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Herb Butter Turkey

I'm going to post my all time favorite turkey recipe I got from my SIL years ago. It's a family favorite and I wouldn't cook a turkey any other way. I'm mainly posting it because every year I print it out and then the next year it's gone and I have to search Bon Appetit for it. It's to save me time and hopefully help a fellow blogger in a bind if they can't fine their favorite turkey recipe. Enjoy!

I also want to thank my roasting over for saving my day. I love this thing! It saves me every year at thanksgiving when I have to cook my turkey. I learned this trick from my Mother who used her roasting oven sitting on the dryer every year because our old fashioned stove couldn't fit a turkey in it. I'm lucky enough to have a big enough oven but this still is my favorite Thanksgiving helper! This way I can make Tom his favorite pies and have everyone happy!
(oh - he is going to be able to come to Thanksgiving after all - yippee!)

Boy is it smelling GOOD around here!!!
What's your favorite Thanksgiving helper?


So many STARS so little time! said...

Yum... I can smell it now.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

My favorite traditional helpers are my children. Every year they help make everything we eat!! PS I Love my roaster too!!

Anny said...

This year I was in charge of the relish tray- score!!!! I was ready for a break.

Looks yummy

crystal said...

We tried an experiment at my Mom's house 2 years ago: One turkey in the oven and another in the roaster, just to see which turned out more delicious.

The roaster turkey was AWESOME! So moist and juicy! I'm on the prowl for roasters on sale.

Thanks for the recipe :)