Monday, November 9, 2009

House Week - Pantry's

Who doesn't love a well organized pantry.
We all want one yet never can seem to get it the way we want it.
My house has a nice sized pantry that is uncommon in homes today.
It is one of the reasons why we bought this house.
(that and the flooring and huge pool)
Now who has a pantry like this?
Come on! It would be dreamy wouldn't it?
I guess if you were Monk or Jeff Lewis your pantry would look this good.
Not us Mom's who have a house full of kids - which I wouldn't trade for anything!
This pantry is just too darn cute!
I could see myself having this pantry in my old house.
It would have been perfect tucked into one of my nooks.
This new house doesn't have any wall space.
That's what you get with an "open floor plan".

Ahhh - a dream! Love the shelving for the white stoneware and the blackboard painted door. My friend Christi did that to her laundry room door and it is SO CUTE!!!!
OK - now on to my little pantry project.

Saturday Tom got the project bug and decided the pantry was in major need of a redo. Who am I to argue with that? We decided that one more shelf going all the way around the top would help add the extra space we so desperately needed. So off to Home Depot he went while I started de-junking the scary dark hole.
What a difference! I'm sad I did not take before shots. I didn't think it would be such a dramatic change. I find myself going into the pantry just to look around. It puts a huge smile on my face now every time I walk by. No more closing the door when someone comes over to hide that space!
One of my favorite things that I use for most everything are these P.E.T. containers. They are a lightweight plastic containers that comes in different sizes and can be sealed with oxygen absorbers to keep food fresh. Even if you open and use something out of the containers when you seal the lid the oxygen absorber sucks the air back out and reseals the jar. Pretty nifty. I have used these containers for 10 years and LOVE them!!!
I did organize the pantry into sections:
Canned goods, baking supplies, spices, cookbooks, small appliances (like the rice cooker, jar opener, panni maker, waffle maker etc) and everyday staples like cereal, snacks and breads. I still need to organize my P.E.T. containers into groups. My kitchen cupboard space is limited and the extra cupboard space I have is filled with my Grandmothers and Mothers china so the pantry has to house a lot of stuff!
Do you need help organizing your pantry? I found a wonderful blog that has some easy steps to get you started. An Organized Pantry from The Home Executive
You will have to let me know what the status is of your pantry. Clean and organized? Scary and a big black hole? Non-existent? I can't wait to hear!
What are some of your favorite things in your pantry? (and I'm not talking the chocolate you have hidden from the children - wink)
(scroll down - I finally posted some Halloween Pictures)


Becca said...

Every time I go in my pantry I think to myself... I need to reorginaize this! But, I never seem to make enough time to get it done. I almost didn't have a pantry when we built this house. I looked at the plans and asked my builder "where is the pantry?" He ended up making room for one. I didn't get an extra cupboard or counter space, but it was well worth it!

Erin said...

Cara, your pantry looks great! I am jealous. Thanks for the decorating advice today. I enjoyed chatting with you.

Webb Family said...

Looks great! Lucky girl to have a guy who can build stuff.
And your girlys look so cute in their Halloween costumes.

Grandma T. said...

My pantry doesn't look very good but I got a cute haircut today! Anyway, people see my hair lots more than they do my pantry. I say "first things first."

Anny said...

You are lucky to have a huge pantry. It looks great!