Monday, December 28, 2009

3 Things

1) I tried on pants today at Target. They have a two mirror thing going on in the dressing room. One in the front of me and one in the back. I realized that the holidays have not been good to my backside. I also realized that if Target uses skinny mirrors I'm in deeper trouble than I thought!

2) My girls mopped the floor today while I was gone for a few hours. I love them♥

3) I realized that racing a 7 year old (named Santiago) who is riding a motorized scooter that goes 15 mph isn't a good idea. My hip hurt all night and I was so worried that I might not be able to ride my beautiful bike anymore. But today it's fine and I'm for sure going to keep my racing at a snails pace♥


Jenifer said...

Never trust the circus mirrors in the target dressing room. they are screwed up for sure.
how nice to have a mopped floor! Jealous!
Glad your hip is okay. i bet you can take him...

Anny said...

-I can't imagine YOU looking bad - it HAS to be the mirrors!
-love the mopping surprise
-slow down tiger!