Friday, December 4, 2009

Amberly Turns 6

amberly's birthday

We had Amberly’s birthday party last month just like last year.

(see last years party here)

This is what I have to remind myself in July when it’s 114 degrees outside. Yes, a swim party with beautiful blue (warm) water, bright colored flowers, warm sunshine, yummy food, giggly girlfriends and bestest boy cousins. What more could you ask for when you are turning 6? We played pool games, did a hula hoop contest, ate lots of food and ran all around, in and out of both pools (one warm one cold) and lot’s of relaxing in the hot tub. Thanks to Grandma for living in such a beautiful place for us to enjoy whenever we want!!!

♥♥Amberly’s real birthday is Dec. 14th but to save my sanity we do the party in November♥♥


Anny said...

It is snowing as I am reading this and I am soooo jealous. Can I be invited next year? Happy birthday Amberly, you are a babe!

Pam said...

That picture of Garrett had my mind flashing forward about 10 years. I'm worried.

Becca said...

November and an outside swim party. Very nice. Looks beautiful. Happy Birthday Amberly.