Sunday, January 17, 2010

52 Blessings Week 3

It’s not too late to start your Blessing Project!  I did a little catch-up and so can you if you want to still get in the game.  I promise it’s worth it♥
This week I am feeling the love and blessings
of having a wonderful family.
We have been spending a lot of time with Tom’s brother Mike who is working here part time from Missouri.  It’s very sad that he has to be away from his family but it’s very fun having him around.  Tom is almost giddy when he’s here and he’s so good to the girls.  I am also very blessed to have gotten to know my nephew Anton before he left on his Mission.  My girls are so excited to write to him and send him little things and I don’t think that would have happened if he hadn’t come to stay with us.
We had a family dinner (with Tom’s siblings and parents) Friday night.  No children – it was “Date Night” over here.  I cooked and we had a great time talking and hanging out like we used to pre-children.  I think it should be mandatory that siblings get together at least once a quarter without children.  It strengthens the sibling bonds.
I always have fun spending time with my brothers.  Tonight I texted my brother Kurt to see what he was doing.  He texted back and gave a cheesy remark, “thinking of you”  I thought he was kidding but he had really been thinking of me.  So I tempted them into coming over for chocolate cake and games.  It worked!  They were here until 10:30!  The kids had so much fun playing and hanging out.  Good thing there wasn’t school today!
I also have my sweet Aunt and Uncle close by with four of my cousins and families.  We got together earlier this month and had SO MUCH FUN!!  We need to do it again soon – I’m having withdrawals!
Monday is Grandma’s annual snow party.  The girls are very excited about going to Grandmas and playing games with their cousins.  I told Tom that his Mom can’t die anytime soon.  Our kids need a Grandma! 
I can’t leave off my hard working, handsome and talented husband or my sweet angel girls.  I feel blessed each and everyday that I wake up to their smiling, happy faces.  (even if they don’t wake up smiling and happy I still love them)♥
Can you see why this week I am thankful for family?  I am surrounded by them. It’s truly a blessing that I wasn’t blessed with growing up.  I’m so thankful my Heavenly Father blessed me with the family I have.  Here are two quotes to finish my blessing for the week:
Learning to appreciate what it means to belong to an eternal family is of great importance to us. Remember, you are part of that eternal unit that requires your best effort. Be certain you bring warmth, kindness, understanding, consideration, and a strong love to your eternal family. L. Tom Perry, “Youth of the Noble Birthright,” Ensign, Nov 1998, 73

President Hinckley said, “It is imperative that you not neglect your families. Nothing you have is more precious. … When all is said and done, it is this family relationship which we will take with us into the life beyond.”10  Barbara Thompson, “I Will Strengthen Thee; I Will Help Thee,” Ensign, Nov 2007, 115–17


Anny said...

You have an amazing family. Great blessing.

Becca said...

I'm so glad you are surrounded by family. They sound great. Families are one of the best blessings EVER!