Thursday, January 21, 2010

Information For Us Women

I have observed some things since going back to work:

1)  There isn't as much time in the day to get things done.
2)  I like getting dressed up but I don't like wearing makeup every day.
3)  Men do love chocolate.  Do you see the bowl in the above picture?  That was filled - FULL yesterday at 11:30am.  When I got to work today at 9am (less than 10 hours later) it looked like this.  Proof ladies that men aren't the only ones who crave, need, love chocolate.  
**if your chocolate stash is missing don't blame the children just ask your husband - you just might be surprised.


Woodward Fam said...

Now that is funny. Maybe you should ask Tom save some for the customers :)))))

Anny said...

hilarious. I know a man that likes chocolate. Hang in there.

pattons said... this has absolutely nothing to do with your question, but....Just wanted you to know how grateful I am to have your forgiving friendship! Thanks for always being an uplifting light in my life!!!

The {Prince} Family said...

ha ha ha cute post Cara!

and ps- always LOVE your top ten lists. They are so "real life" and I enjoy reading them. Next time your are around my parents, stop in! We'd love to catch up :) {kel lives there now too!}

Have a great Friday!