Friday, January 22, 2010

100 Days

The 100 day of school is coming up this week over here, not sure if it’s close in your neck of the woods but thought I would share some ideas.
My kids think this is such a fun day – they look forward to it from say…… 15 - I’m serious.  Not sure what the teachers do or say to make it so exciting but I’m glad that my kids are excited!
I am in charge of the 100 Day Party in Abby’s class and here’s what we are planning:
We will have four stations and rotate at about 15 min. each.
Some of the ideas we came up with and I’m still not sure how to narrow these down to four!  They all seem so fun!!!:
Take the kids outside for some fresh air and exercise:  Have the kids do 100 Hops, 100 Jumping jacks, turn in circles, hop on one foot, touch your toes...etc.  Or break it up and do 10, 20, or 25 of each.
Design a coloring page of how I celebrated 100 days of school and have them color it. – 1st graders L-O-V-E to color.
100 item snack - 10 different items that they get to count out in 10's and then eat as the snack – have them put them in a quart size Ziploc bag or lunch sack
Make a paper chain that has 100 links
Measure the volume, in cups, of 100 kernels of popping corn. Pop the corn, measure the volume, and eat the results.
Put together a 100 piece puzzle – they have these at the $1 store
I am also going to make a collage called "100 things I love". I will be asking the kids some of the things they love on Monday and then I will put it in a frame and have it ready to hang in the classroom on our party day.
The family fun magazine this month has a whole page worth of ideas for a 100 Day party.  There is nothing on their website but the magazine is better anyway.
It should be really fun and I have several other parents willing to help.  I’ll be sure to take pictures so you can see the chaos fun!

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Lynn F. said...


I am so jealous listening to your fun 100 day party planning. I wish you were planning it for my class! Are you sure you don't want to have another kindergartner? Miss you guys!