Friday, January 8, 2010


Wordle: Thrive

I love this site Wordle. Have you ever made a wordle. It's fun and very addicting and best of all FREE! I love free. The only problem is, I can't seem to make it bigger. I have tried everything with no luck. So if you want to view it bigger just click on it and it will take you to the wordle site where my "wordle" is posted.

I also have a few other sites to share to give you some new year ideas:
1)My friend Anny is doing a picture a day project. I love it. I'm thinking of adding that to my list. You can see her blog HERE and her friends blog who started the project HERE

2)Christine Kane has a blog and I haven't perused it fully yet but she has a great video link and a free download to get you going on your "2010 Word". It's a 5 min. clip but I liked it and thought you might too. You can view it HERE.

3)If you want to pick a word but don't know how to go about doing it - watch the clip in #2 then go HERE for a plethora of words to choose from.

4) and this has nothing to do with words or the New Year or goals but if you want some fabulous eye candy to look at - parties ideas, gift ideas, decorating ideas, go HERE.
Today's Creative Blog told me about her blog and I'm hooked - and she's local! Love it!

I also wanted to say thanks to my Book Bunch Beauty girls for a fantastic birthday lunch and for spoiling me with all your kindness and presents. You really know how to make a girl feel special!♥


uniquelynat said...

it was there. and then it was gone. and now it is back again.

this is super cute! and i love it. and i hope you don't mind tat i want to do one too...for my word for the year....Diligent .

Anny said...

I have been thinking all week for a good word. Thanks for the links. I have told your story (of you and Tom having the same word) several times, it's hilarious.
I hope you do a picture a day! It has been fun so far and you are a talented photographer!

Anny said...

p.s. I am also reading a great book "Aspire" about the power of words. It is amazing how deep the meaning of words are.

Becca said...

I have loved reading all you posts, sorry I haven't commented on some, time, you know:) I love your word for the year, it's a great one. I'm just finishing up my 52 Blessings Project from last year, and think I'll start the picture a day one, but can't do both. Thanks for all your insperation. You're Awesome!

Ros said...

I'm in! Thanks for your constant motivation =) I love your perspective and generous kindness to others.

Pedaling said...

if you have a mac i can tell you how to make it bigger.
if not then i cannot help you,

my niece brandi directed me to your site here. she said i would like it.
she was right.

crystal said...

I still can't narrow my word down. I have TOO MANY areas that need work. I need to just choose 10 words and put them each on a charm--one of those awesome charm necklaces.

I want to do project365 SO BAD!!! But I don't know photoshop & I don't scrap. Advice?