Sunday, February 28, 2010

52 BP/8/9

That was in code, it means the 52 Blessing Project Week 8 and 9.  

This week I am doing two because I was sick last week and not in the mood to think of my blessings.  Sad I know but it's true.  And I only share the truth on this blog so there you have it.

Growing up with a disease that is highly affected by the weather, rain and I were not friends.  I loved the rain because it made the fields turn a lush green and the lupine would bloom bright purple, the trees would get a shower and seemed greener and brighter.  Everything always feels so clean after the rain.  I was just always in bed missing out on the beauty.  
Not anymore!!!  I am feeling so good, my arthritis doesn't hurt and I finally get to enjoy this wonderful rain we have been having for the past two months.  That right there is a HUGE blessing!!!!!

Saving Money
This month we had a goal to save money and I have - $900.  Yep - it's the end of the month and I still have $900 in my bank account.  WOW!!  I am so impressed with myself.  We have cut back on things like eating out and anything extra and guess what - it wasn't hard and we didn't miss out on much.  (Well, Cassidy missed eating out - it's her favorite past-time)  I'm going to try again this month and see if I can beat that record.  Saving money in this economy is another HUGE blessing!!!

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