Monday, March 1, 2010

10 Years From Now...............

The girls and I had fun yesterday playing on the computer.  I found this fun site that you could upload your photo and then change hairstyles and makeup.  We had so much fun doing the hairstyles we didn't even get into the makeup part!

Seriously - are these not the funniest pictures?  I was laughing so hard every time a new hairdo would pop up!  These give us a glimpse into what my girls will look like in 10 years, can I be scared?  I hope they are showing less skin in real life than they are in these photos!

Click HERE to have your own makeover fun!!!

 These are the "real" pictures of my girls - I'm not ready for them to look like the "after" pictures yet!
They are still my babies after all♥


Allyson said...

WOW, they are going to be trouble! They are both beautiful! That looks like a fun website, what is it?

Christi said...

Funny! My girls would love it, too. You have to post the website!

The Wells Family said...

STOP, quit letting them grow up....You are making me feel so dang old. I miss you Miss Cara! Give everyone a "hug" for me! Even Tom!