Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My real life blogging friend Ashley/One Happy Mama went to see my hubby last month 
and then gushed about how great he was on her blog. 
Made me feel good that someone was gushing about how great he is. 
Cause he is.
Then I was sad because I couldn't share the gushing because her blog is private.
But guess what??????
Her blog isn't private anymore!!!!!
So if you want to read about how my awesome hubby is helping them you can do so  
And if you need to go see him in person so you can see the awesomeness in real life 
you can set that up 

(btw - I think Ashley is pretty awesome too♥)


onehm said...

Your husband is AMAZING! Every single thing I said about him is TRUE!
And I am so glad that we met with him and got all our stuff in order...
Thanks for the shout out on my post. I'm glad that you liked it.

Pam said...

yeah, yeah...Tom's so great...

Oh, yea I forgot I work for him.

I mean, go SLA!