Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday

Random 10 This Tuesday

10)  My life is very chaotic right now.  I have no order in anything I'm doing and it's driving me crazy.  I'm exhausted every night from thinking about all the things I don't have time to do.
9)    Every day I have the goal to clean out my bedroom closet and bathroom cupboards.  It hasn't happened yet and this has been my goal for two weeks.
8)    The computer at work hurts my arms and wrists.  I need to come up with a better solution or I am going to continue to hurt everyday.
7)    I need to exercise.  I haven't been exercising and it shows.  I'm tired, grumpy and fat.
6)   Are you getting depressed listening to me complain?  Sorry.
5)   Last week I had two fun days where my girlfriends and I made hair clips.  We got very creative and had so much fun.  My girls got into the spirit of it and Saturday the three of us made flower hair clips for them to sell and make some cash.    They spent the whole afternoon selling them on our corner to all the little girls in the 'hood.
4)   Today we got up on time, read scriptures and got ready all before 8am.  I had time to curl the girls hair and they were so cute getting out of the car, curls bouncing as they walked into school.
3)   I ran out of flour last night.  I am still shocked at myself.  I have a 50 lb bucket that I keep 50lb's of all purpose flour in.  Last night I went to make cookies for a neighbor and was out!  How did this slip by me?  I had to use bread flour (I have 50 lb's of that too and the bucket is full).  Let's just say bread flour is not the same as regular flour.  I delivered the cookies hot so hopefully they didn't notice my mistake.  I'm going to Sam's club today to get another 50 lb bag.
2)   I still can't seem to finish Cassidy's room.  We went to IKEA last night to look for some fun funky fabrics and all we got was an orange trash can and some orange folders for her notebooks.  I need Candice Olsen or Sarah Richardson to come help me or anyone else that wants to give me design inspiration for that matter.  I think Cassidy is feeling bad about it.  I need to hurry so she can feel the L♥VE.
1)   I'm going to the ortho today to get my retainer fixed.  I have a huge open wound on my thumb from where my teeth hit my thumb when I pull the darn thing out.  Beauty has it's price I guess.  

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Jenifer said...

Sad neighbor here....the cookies were delicious and they were gone by the time you got to the car. It was the best thing that could have happened yesterday. Seriously. Thank you so much!
Boo on your retainer. Hope they get it right.