Monday, March 22, 2010


The girls and I went to a Farmers Market on Saturday.  
We walked the streets of Old Town and stopped and looked 
at all the jewelry, art, tie die (is that in?) and produce.  
I was very disappointed in the produce.  
There were only three tables selling fruits and veggies.  
And to be honest they were pathetic!  
I was embarrassed for them and I just kept on walking. 

We each got a ring from a lady who had made them out of old buttons.  
They are so cute!  3 for $5.  Can't beat that for a little treasure♥  
I found this cake stand for.............$8!  
Can you believe it?  It's real silver - $8 what a bargain.  
It made my day!  Now I just need to find a place for it.  
Any ideas?


Sue said...

Tell Lisa to take me the next time I come visit! I love a bargain~
You take the BEST pictures.

Becca said...

Very cute. It looks almost antique.

Anny said...

So cute, I love a great Farmer's Market.