Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I have always been a healthy eater.  I grew up with a Dad who was the healthiest eater I know.  His one splurge was vanilla ice-cream every night at 8:00pm or "eight-oh-oh" as we called it.  

Since I had my whole cancer thing last year I have been trying to get my family into the same frame-of-mind as my Dad had.  It's hard to get multiple people to think the same.  Tom is easy - he will eat anything I cook and has trained himself to pick healthy foods, Amberly automatically eats fruits and veggies and loves to eat at home.  Cassidy on the other hand hates fruits and veggies and only likes "hot food".  She doesn't like anything healthy.  

I have been cooking a lot.  We hardly go out to eat anymore.  Tom and I will go to lunch (since we work together) have a little lunch date but dinner with the kids is made here.  Most treats are made here and limited to the weekends. Except this week - Spring Break has ruined that.  I have been trying to add/eat as much fiber and whole grains as possible to our diet and cut out as much sugar as possible.  Having cancer is lame and I don't want anyone else in this house to get it including me - again!

Today in my e-mail I got this book recommendation from my Dr.:  
I do want to loose weight - who doesn't but I don't like to diet.  I don't like to exercise either but lets not go there.  Here is what he said about it: 

"Of all the facets to what differentiates a healthy diet from an unhealthy diet, if I had to choose just one thing to focus on it would probable be fiber.  That's what they did in this book with amazing images, simple instructions and lots of advice for eating on the go.  There is even a free audio version available as well." Dr. Christianson

This book is different.  It's not just a diet book.  It tells you what foods have the highest fiber and how to make food higher in fiber.  AND.......they have it for FREE online!!!  Yep, free - no catch.  Seriously why wouldn't you download it. And it's not boring, has pretty bright colored pictures and is simple and easy to read/understand.  I'm so excited.  I had 1/2 an avocado on my turkey sandwich and guess what? That 1/2 of an avocado has 7 grams of fiber.  I had blackberries on my shredded wheat cereal and those berries had 8 grams of fiber.  Also did you know that oatmeal has 50% more protein that wheat and 100% more than rice?

I know I'm going on and on here but I just read 96 pages of the book - online - in less than 20 min and it has me so motivated!  I can eat healthy - I like eating healthy, I just need a little push to help me stay motivated.

Here's the link to download it for FREE!!  The Full Plate Diet Book.  Let me know what you think!


David said...

I am excited to check this book out because it sounds like I can simply improve what I'm already doing well! .. or doing, period. Let's face, life is real. The small steps that make a difference are a big deal. I love fiber. I love fiber. Did I say that already?

David said...

oh, and it is me, Ros, commenting. somehow, David is still logged in ... oh well!