Monday, April 12, 2010

12 on the 12th - April

It was 2pm when I remembered that it was the 12th.  I'm still proud of myself for getting my pictures taken and it posted.  Next month I'll do a better job of capturing the whole day.

1)  strawberries in our garden
2)  fresh from the dryer-clean, fluffy, white towels
3)  the alarm on my phone goes off at 3:45 so I don't forget to pick up the girls. 
4)  Cassidy with her Easter colored teeth.  She got one of every color band on her braces in honor of Easter.
5)  Abby after a meltdown eating an apple to get her blood sugars up.
6)  Michael and Abby jumping on the tramp.  Notice Abby has her iPod.
7)  Cassidy's new hobby.  Doing other peoples hair.
8)  my nicely mopped floors.  Aren't they pretty?
9)  banana bread in the making. We needed a snack for school tomorrow.
10) me on my bike.
11) Abby - with her iPod stirring her ice-cream and sprinkles to perfection.
12) reading scriptures

go HERE to learn more about 12 on the 12th 
*leave me a comment if you are doing this fun project.  I would love to check out your day!


amyfm said...

looks like our mondays hold some of the same activities. I am happy to see yours was a lot more spring.

Jill said...

I love your shadow self-portrait on your bike!

How does Abby keep her headphones in while jumping on the trampoline?

onehm said...

I haven't forgotten to call you. Things were non-stop yesterday. Are you coming to Bunko tonight? :)

michelle said...

I enjoyed all of these, but my favorite was your bike shadow shot!

Becky said...

Another Arizona girl! :) LOve your photos and your blog is pure eye candy!