Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday On Wednesday

Things have been crazy over here and doesn't look like it will settle down anytime soon.  Is it just me or are the days going by faster and faster?  I can't seem to get everything done that I need/want to do!  I love doing my Top 10 so here it is even if it's a day late.

Things I Love Right Now:
10)  the newly planted pink flowers in my front flower bed.  Puts a HUGE smile on my face as I walk by them...every single time♥.
9)    my fresh, clean carpets Thanks to my neighbor who came and cleaned them yesterday.
8)    looking for houses.  I have been on the MLS for three different friends and it's pure joy!  In fact...I'm a little too addicted.
7)    hot tamale jelly beans.  Have you had them? Yummy!
6)    when Tom is home.  It's always more fun when he's around.
5)    aims testing.  I don't have to take the tests but I sure like not having to help with homework this whole week!
4)    kirstie alleys big life.  It's a total train wreak - I can't stop watching.  But she's so funny, quirky and weird that I just keep trying to see if she's really like that?!
3)    abby getting braver.  Today she went to gymnastics without one tear or any anxiety.  That is a good thing!
2)    sweet bunko friends.  Last night was so fun and I love knowing these fun girls!
1)    our best bites.  This my friends is my new go-to recipe blog.  Everything on this site looks to-die-for-delish!  Seriously, I'm excited to try something...anything on here!  It's just so hard to decide which one first!

What are your top 10? 


Lisa said...

I love reading your blog! I ALWAYS read every post ♥ I'm a lazy commenter. #8 on your list totally cracks me up. I do that - hours on end sometimes, I tell you! We could go into business together and have a show on HGTV :) Have you seen 'Selling New York'? I love seeing the urban properties and how much $$$$$ they cost.

Becca said...

I have been so busy myself, it's hard to keep up on everyones blog. I love reading yours though. I may not leave a comment on every one, but I am reading them.

Lauralee said...

I need to check out that blog...I love bunko!