Thursday, April 29, 2010

Imaginary Shopping

Today I worked late, then headed off to get the gift cards for the 1st grade party tomorrow.  I ran into Target, then I ran over to Michaels.  As I was coming out of Michaels - Peir 1 caught my eye.  It's right next door and all of their outdoor furniture was set up and calling my name.  I never go into that store so I thought to myself...."what the heck?  I've got an extra 10 min..."

I saw so many pretty things I just couldn't help myself from whipping out my camera and taking pictures.  This is a much cheaper version of shopping.  I took pictures of everything I wanted without spending a DIME!  
So here you go........What I would have bought if A) I could bring more furniture into my house and B) if I had endless money that I didn't know what to do with♥

   Isn't this the cutest chair EVER??  Look at it's ruffles!!!  I sat in it and tried to think of a place I could put it.  My office came to mind but I'm banned from bringing anymore furniture into this house.  Darn!

I love pillows and had a hard time walking by these walls of endless pretty pillows! 

OK, I know this is a little fancy-pants for my house but I know I could find a home for it somewhere.  It's so tall and slim and sparkly.    I'm thinking it would look great in my bedroom!
These are so colorful and bright and I would hang them in my new pergola by the pool.  I would have my imaginary electrician come and wire my new pergola with outlets and then I would add light bulbs and have fun night lighting out by my pool.  What do you think?  (the pool and the pergola are real, everything else I am conjuring up in my dreams.)
I saw this chair at the dentist's office a few weeks ago.  These were the waiting room chairs!!!  I should have whipped out my camera there - it was decorated so darn cute!  But for me and my dream world I would put this chair right up to my office desk.  My office is black and white - waiting for some color that hasn't happened yet.  This chair would be perfect!
I would then buy this chair pad to put on my rolling desk chair so they would match.  This was on sale $17.50 and it almost came home with me.  I said almost.  It was tempting but I held firm to not spending any money.

And lastly this little beauty would look amazing.........somewhere in my house.  Not sure where.  I have to get rid of some stuff so I can bring in new and pretty things like this!!!! 

So tell me:
Do you ever go pretend shopping with your camera?
Which one of these items would you take home with all your imaginary money?


Mardi said...

Great idea! Sounds like you had a blast and filled that iche to spend, spend, spend.... What a much healther approach for your wallet. And I bet your hubby is thank you right now.

Crystal Star said...

No way. I just buy. That's my problem. But I've decided to go on a money diet. I've put on a few extra pounds ;)

Mindy said...

Love it!!!

Webb Family said...

No I have not but I think I'm going to start! That was fun & everything is so cute!!

Lisa said...

Pretty things! I love window shopping. Good for you to not buy anything!