Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday On Wednesday

This week is flying by!  I have been so busy latley I can't seem to wrap my head around all the things I have to do.  My new crazy life is going to take some getting used to.  Since I haven't been blogging as much as I would like I thought I would put what I have been doing and what I have to do this week as my Top 10:

10)  I can't drink soda.  I want to and I try just doesn't taste good anymore.  sigh
9)    I'm in charge of the 1st grade surprise going away party for the student teacher in Amberly's class.  It's Friday at 11:30am.  I work until 12pm and I have a huge conference I have to be at with Tom at 12:30.  Feel my stress?  Oh and we are supposed to do family pictures that night.  I didn't plan that very well did I?  (See what I mean about having to get used to CRAZY?)
8)   We have a Congressman for our State flying in to do this conference with Tom on Friday.  He's stressed which makes me stressed. Breath Cara - Breath!
7)    I have been taking a Photoshop/Photography/computer class once a week.  I love it and this week I learned a little about Light Room.♥VE!!!  It's amazing and I can't wait to learn more.
6)    Today I took Cassidy to the Dr. for a check-up and we sat in that little tiny patient room for 1:45 minutes.  Talk about CRAZY!!  We were both crawling out of our skins by the time we left.  Sheesh!
5)     I had a brilliant idea to become fans/friends with all my favorite celebrity bloggers, movie personalities, TV shows and music stars on Face Book.  Face Book has become so much more interesting.  I don't have to hear about everyone's farmville stuff or who they are friends with.  Plus I have gotten some great deals and ideas! (like I said before - I LOVE blogging so much more than FB - I just had to spice things up or FB was going bye-bye!)
4)  I finally got my house clean and back in order yesterday.  I refused to let my kids play outside AT ALL!  I'm so mean.  All they do is play outside and believe me, I am a HUGE fan of playing and outside.  I just needed major help and yesterday was work day - like it or not.    We worked, we got it done and today....they are outside running, skipping and playing again.  No harm done.
3)  Dinner tonight?  Homemade Chicken Pot Pie  YUM♥
2)  I talked to my long time friend yesterday (30 years and counting).  He said we were Auto-Immune-Buddies and I'm the only one that he knows that he can talk to about what a pain it is having a body that doesn't work right.   Glad I could be there for ya Perry!  I told him I got a bike (1st bike in 23 years) and he was thrilled.  Buddies we are!
1)  30 days until school is out.  19 if you are only counting M-F.  Summer is around the corner and I can't wait!  No schedules, no have-to's, lots of swimming and fun.  My goal is to have the kids do some sort of school work in the morning, their daily jobs and then free time.  It's going to be fun!  I can't wait!


Jenifer said...

Since you can't see my Farmville stuff on Facebook anymore, I'll just email you every time I harvest. hahahaha!
Sorry to hear about the soda. I'll drink yours for you. Good luck on Friday!

*katie said...

I have lightroom and have done a few tutorials online, but I know I'm not using it to it's full and fabulous potential! One day when life slows down (HA!) I'll spend some time learning more about it:)
Good luck with your Friday!!