Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miss Amberly’s New Fish

I will not be winning Mother of the Year anytime soon.  Want to hear what I did?  It was supposed to be a non-event but turned out to be a major day long project.

Amberly brought home a paper from school saying they were studying guppy’s and snails in school for science.  Good for those 1st graders!  Glad they could learn about all that stuff.  The paper also said that if your child would like to bring home a guppy or a snail when they were done, please fill out this form and send it back.

I read it and promptly threw it away.  No I do not want a guppy or a snail to come home with Amberly.  YUCK.  If you know me I am deathly afraid of snails.  Yes, you read that right, deathly afraid.  I am not afraid of any bug, spider or scorpion but a snail freaks me out.  And yes…there is a story behind this phobia.  Ask me about it sometime.  And a guppy?  It will die in a day and then she would have been sad.  That my friends is why it went in the trash.

Flash Forward a week and a half:

Amberly gets off the bus in a puddle of tears.  Crying like her heart has been broken into a million pieces.  I ran to her, scooped her up and asked her what happened?

“All the kids got to take home a fish except for MEEEEEEEE!!!! Mom you forgot to fill out that blue form! (she remembered what color the form was?!)

Oh boy, I felt sooo bad.  I never meant to break her heart.  I promise I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

“Mom, everyone got to take a fish home and Karlee got to take home TWO!” Crying, tears, more crying.

What’s a mother to do? 

We drove straight to Petco and got two fish.  One for each of the girls.  Luckily Grandma had given the girls a fish tank some months ago that was in the Goodwill pile that we put to good use.  We cleaned it, filled it, placed the fern just so.  Then the fish went in.  Oh the JOY!  Every kid in the ‘hood came by to check out the new pets.  Like I said – it was an all day project.

I’d say Amberly is one happy camper.  Maybe this was a good thing?  I think these fish will last longer than any of those school guppies would have.  Right?

fish face

 Cassidy, Michael and Amberly making fish faces.  (Michael lives across the street)


Amberly – The Happy Camper with her new fish. (a white fish for Amberly & a Orange fish for Cassidy.)  Do you think she has forgiven me?



Jenifer said...

In first grade Sam wanted to bring home an African Centipede. (they are huge and fat, BTW) I promptly told her no so she went to dad and he signed the paper. Guess who had to take care of it? They eat fruit and I had an epidemic of fruit flys. Finally one day I tossed them into the backyard. Then it was stinky hermit crabs in fourth grade for Megan....they lasted four days, now it is frogs. Sigh. We had three and are down to one. Hallelujah. (you should see Stanley stalk it all day long. Pretty funny)

Megan said...

That sounds like you are a good mom!
There is no way in heck I would have ran off to petco!
You deserve a prize!