Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ribbon Has Been Organized!

What do you do when you have one little girl home for a week with chicken pox and one BIG girl home for a week with the flu?  You do crafts of course!  At least that's what we do over here at Gardenview Cottage!
Aren't they cute - even if they did drive me a crazy while we were all cooped up here together for a week.

Are you feeling sorry for me yet?  Just look at this mess!

We did so many different crafts that my ribbon boxes took a HUGE hit!  Something had to be done.  
So I sent the girls next door to our neighbors "big-trash-pick-up-pile"  I had seen some boxes that could be used in my ribbon organization.  They came back with this box which turned out to be PERFECT!

I opened the box to find these smaller boxes inside.  
See what I mean by perfect?

I then cut the cardboard into small rectangles.

I used straight pins to keep the ribbon tightly in place. 
My Mom was obsessed with pins. I must have 
5 of those magnetic pin holder thingy's in my sewing box.

I tried to wrap "like ribbon" together.  Velvets, grosgrain, silk, stretchy.  If the ribbon was the same kind I tried to wrap similar colors together as well.  I know, I can be very particular if I want to be.

Isn't it pretty?  I don't have a picture but I had a bunch of ribbon that was too short to wrap around the cardboard so I grouped the ribbon into color groups and put them in sandwich size zip-loc bags.  I have about 8-10 of those.  I use that ribbon for hair clips or smaller projects.  With two girls I am always needing ribbon for something!

 The spools of ribbon I put in a plastic tote with a lid.  I wish I had one of those cute pottery barn ribbon holders.  That would be nice.  I Tom made some for presents one year and I forgot to make me one!  It looked like this:

Anyway, if you want me to tell you how to make a ribbon organizer-
- leave a comment or e-mail me and I'll give you all the inside info!
Here's a picture that somehow made it into my camera.  I guess she wanted us to see the flower pens she made out of HUGE flowers and of course....ribbon!  She made pink and yellow to match her room and Cass made blue and green to match her room.  Talk about a flower that's bigger than your head!  WOW!


One last thing:  As I was organizing right here at my desk in my office (that needs some major cleaning BTW) I watched hours of fun shows on HULU,  Have you found that yet?  It's great!  You can watch all kinds of shows right on your computer for FREE!  Old shows, new shows, shows you might have missed because you were taking care of sick kids shows.  And movies too! 
Anyway, thought I would share in case you 
didn't know about such amazing goodness. 
Last thought - I love my newly organized ribbon -
even if this post should have been done
2 months ago when all this happened. 


Jenifer said...

I was just going to say...chicken pox AGAIN?!? Very nice. You certainly own a lot of ribbon!

onehm said...

BIG SMILE at that last line...
You are so cute. And so ORGANIZED! Awesome!

*katie said...

oh boy, you're inspiring me to get my ribbon organized! I have plenty of left over boxes from our recent move--I better get on it!

Anny said...

That is a lot of ribbon. If I lived by "the ribbon store" like you do I would probably be addicted. They look great all organized.

shawni said...

Hey Cara, great ideas, and I just had to tell you I LOVE the push up idea. We may have to try that around here!!