Monday, April 26, 2010


Friday and Saturday I was in a FUNK.
Seriously, I didn't have any energy or motivation.  My house was a wreck - I didn't clean it, my kids just wanted to play - so I let them instead of helping me, and I was grouchy!

I thought I was going to have all of Friday to clean, do laundry, catch up on my shows and at 10:30 I get a text reminding me of a lunch I had to go to at the school.  I debated but I went.  I had fun but then I had lost all motivation to go back to finishing my chores.  I have a hard time cleaning and doing chores if I've gotten ready.  You know, hair, make-up, cute clothes.  Who want's to clean all dressed up and ready to go somewhere fun?  not ME!

Anyway that set me off on my FUNK that lasted all weekend.  Mindy did come get rescue me and take me to a beautiful model home and then to Costco.  That helped a little.  But not enough.

I had BIG plans to post lots of fun decorating ideas, craft projects I've done and am doing but nope - didn't happen cause of my FUNK.  Sorry.

I'll do better this week.  I'm going to call my cleaning lady and get her back on the schedule.  Once that happens I think I will be much happier and feel more under control.  Me working + running a house is HARD!  And I'm failing at it so I need some extra help don't judge♥


Kristi said...

No judging here! Cleaning ladies are a working mom's sanity! And maybe there was something in the air last weekend - I was in a total funk too, couldn't get a thing done.

Anyway, haven't seen you at the gym, you feeling ok??

Lisa said...

Funky up here too! I layed around all weekend. It's amazing what a difference having help with household chores is. When I broke my ankle a sweet lady from the ward was here to clean my kitchen and living room every day - it was so nice. Good for you for hiring someone!

onehm said...

Everyone deserves to feel funky now and then. :) You are not alone...but I think my funk is going to last at least another couple of months. My poor family...

Crystal Star said...

If anyone is allowed a funk it should be you. Slow down miss. I love the cleaner idea. I'm back blogging now, due to you and Christi's so thanks.