Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Funnies

I teach the 6 year olds in Primary at Church.
They are so cute and so, so funny!
They crack me up each and every week.

Last week Amberly (she's in my class♥) was wearing a new outfit.  
One of the little girls came in and went to sit next to her.  
She stopped...looked at Amberly's out fit and said:
(with hand motions I might add)
"I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!"
Hilarious!!!  Amberly and I are still laughing about it a week later.

This week our lesson was on Choosing the Right.
There were stories and questions and we talked about DARES.  
They really liked the lesson and we had alot to discuss.  
I was asking the kids how choosing the wrong makes you feel 
and one little girl piped up and said:  
"Choosing the wrong makes you feel - 
Yucky and Mad, Grumpy and Sad"
Brilliant is she not?  I love how they can come up with such simple yet perfect truths! 
 It's our new class motto.  
We wrote it on the board and had everyone chanting it when they left for the day.  

I'm out of my funk.  
Things are still in chaos but we took cookies 
to our two favorite teachers last night 
and it made us all feel happy and made the day so much sweeter. 
(and I don't mean cause cookies were involved!)

Cookies can always get me out of a funk!  
How about you?

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Sarah said...

Cookies work for me too. Walks also. But nothing like making some great chocolate chip cookies and eating lots of dough. (Can you tell I'm off my sugar wagon...Darn!)