Wednesday, July 14, 2010

12 on the 12th - July

1.  I have now become in charge of the family genealogy.  Not sure how I feel about this.  So far I haven't felt too great but am trying to be positive and figure out a plan.
2.  Homemade bread.  I finally got it right and have made four loaves a week for two weeks.  I'm on a roll and loving it!
3.  Fresh off the vine tomatoes.  The first batch are a little puny but I have got my watering figured out and they are much bigger now.  I read that you should never-not-ever put tomatoes in the fridge.  So I'm using my ceramic egg holder for tomatoes.  Cute eh?
4.  My mid-afternoon snack.  Chocolate cake - there's nothing better.  (well there is....but not in my house at the time -wink)
5.  Saturday Tom and Cass went on a Jamba Juice run.  It's now becoming a weekly tradition since we have a stack of BOGO FREE coupons.  They were giving away free awesome cups on top of our deal so we have been using them endlessly.  Thanks Jamba!
6.  Backpacks and school supplies are in the stores already.  It had my girls ♥'s all a flutter!
7.  A dance in the corn field is always nice on a summer evening.  I love all the corn field around town this time of year.
8.  Monica's birthday.  We just had to bring her a little something on her special day.  It was fun to stay and chat and the girls loved being chased and attacked by Herbie the watch-cat!
9.  Watching Food TV - The Best Thing I Ever Ate.  Love that show and it makes me either really hungry or really grossed out.  Ox tail jelly with marrow bones?  - SICK!
10. My walking shoes that I didn't use today.  I slept in.  Sorry shoes!
11. Cassidy and her new Baton.  She's determined to master it which I find so dang cute.
12. My cart at the store.  I went for milk and lunch meat and look what happened.  Never fails!

**Even though I didn't start till 2:30 I think this pretty much sums up my day.  I even had some great pictures that I had to leave out.  Does that happen to you?  It's hard to choose only 12 isn't it? **

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