Monday, July 19, 2010

Bath vs. Shower


I had an epiphany yesterday as to why I love baths so much more than a shower.

Here it is........
You get out of your nice warm shower and you freeze your cha-cha's off.
It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, that cool air against your wet skin is COLD!
I hate being cold, especially on purpose.
Plus you have to stand up the whole time.  That's not relaxing!

When you take a bath you can 
a) stay in and soak, relax, unwind and more importantly... lay down!
b) you can read, doze, paint your nails, shave your legs
c) add yummy fun smelling things to the water
d) most importantly - get nice, warm and toasty.
Hopefully you get to stay in your nice warm, relaxing bath as long as you want without interruptions.  
If not, at least try and enjoy being clean and pruny♥

When you're good and done cooking in that warm bath of yours, you get out, dry off and enjoy the cooler air on your skin because you are so HOT!  This is the key my friends.  Get your body temperature up as high as you can so when you get out you welcome the cold!

This was my epiphany.  Is it of sound but it sure made sense to me!

Pictures courtesy of, country home, coastal living, Sarah's House, House Beautiful


Jenifer said...

I think if my bathroom was 1/100th as pretty as these I would certainly love a bath more! A bath sure does feel good. Especially when you are sick.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i wish i had a lovely bathroom like those. i ♥ a long hot soaky shower. maybe it's because i'm so dang tall half my body is in the cold the whole time. i've mastered the art of reading in the shower too. maybe if i had a super huge jacuzzi tub. but i don't. sigh. shower for me please.