Friday, July 9, 2010


You know I was going to post these....didn't you? 
I'm just a little slow getting them out of the camera and onto the blog.

Funny thing that happened at the movies.  Monica made everyone a beautiful red rose flower clip to wear to theevent.  We each came separately to the theater and there was an older lady working the ticket booth who told each of us that " your group of red rose girls is in theater one"  Somehow she changed her greeting after a while to "your crazy psycho friends is in theater one" what???  It was pretty funny!

I brought Cass along which made it more fun.  She was so excited the night before she couldn't sleep!  Aimee brought McKendree too so Cass wasn't the only girl with a bunch of "Crazy Psycho Moms!"
***disclaimer - these are the worst pictures and man do I sure miss my good camera!  I'm telling you these pictures do not do any of my friends (or me) justice.  We are much better looking in real life!*****

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