Thursday, July 8, 2010


Even though it's 113 degrees out today (it was 100 at 8:55 this morning) I still find it relaxing to go out and water my plants.  It's my form of sanity building.  Some people shop, others exercise, I water.  Look how pathetic they look.  I feel so bad for them.  If I had to be out in the heat day after day I would look all wilty too!  
I can't wait for October when I can fill my pots and flower beds with more pretty things.  (Our Oct. is everyone else's May/June)  Maybe I can sneak some hardy things in now?!  I may have to go do a little shopping at the nursery to see what I can find!

Whats your favorite summer flower?
Do you enjoy watering or do you have everything on auto-timer?
How do you relax?


Lauralee said...

we only have to water a few months out of the year.... I actually just had to start watering last week... I feel like I am giving the flowers some relief when I come around with the hose!

100 degrees, that early? crazy! that is like where my parents are living- in Borneo- HOT all the time...I would melt!

Hydrangeas are my favorite...LOVE them!
Stay cool!

Becca said...

That is hot. My two summers I've lived there, I do remember how hot it was and didn't even cool down at night. Crazy. I love watering my pots. It is relaxing now that I think of it. I like most flowers. I don't think I even know my favorite one.