Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Day

Today was a good day.  The best in a while.  And to be honest it wasn't anything truly was just good.
I went walking this morning in the hot humid air and loved it.  We had a huge bright and beautiful rainbow to look at the entire time.  If that's not something to smile about for the rest of the day I don't know what is.  Then we had morning scripture reading, a nice cool shower (cause it's hotter than blazes around here) and some shredded wheat for breakfast. 

Tom left for work and the kids zoned out on the TV while I finished up another house project.  I'm really cranking them out over here.  If I had more than five min. at a time on the computer I could get some pictures uploaded.  Anyway, I went to where the girls were and read my book while they watched TV.  I got tired of the TV being's a waste of time even though I am starting to like iCarly and Wizards of Waverly Place.  I made them go clean their rooms and play while I continued to read my book. (I never do this and it was so nice)

Tom surprised us and took us out to lunch.  We don't see him much lately so this was a sweet treat!

We came home and I was so tired I had to take a little cat nap with Abby who was also over tired. 
To sum it up there was more reading, swimming, more swimming with Mindy, Hot Tamales, rain, a trip to Target and now the girls each have a friend over for a sleepover.  This is HUGE people....we don't do sleepovers.  I caved and they are having a blast.  (it's family so I didn't cave too deep) I so love all the giggles and singing and laughter that's coming out of those rooms♥

Dinner was pita chips and hummus and strawberries for for them. 
I also finished my book and it was very cute. "The Actor and the Housewife" Shannon Hale.
Hoping tomorrow is just as good.  I need to hold on to these summer days.  They are slipping away so fast and I'm not ready for them to end yet.  Here's hoping life slows down for the next two weeks so I can savor every last moment.

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