Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so much better.........

Ahhhhhhh......can I tell you that my new blog look is giving me warm fuzzies inside.  That 4th of July business I had up for July was too bold or something.  Every time I opened my blog I was like, "eeek!"

Don't get me wrong, I love the 4th and all it represents, our freedom, the colors, the festivities and I especially loved the saying I had on my blog banner - "In God We Trust."  I'm just giddy about my new banner.  Funny how the little things bring me such joy.

Summer is officially done.  The girls have been back in school for one whole week.  Sad.  I have to admit that I wasn't ready for them to return.  It just seemed like it wasn't time yet.  And no it wasn't the 116 weather we are having.  Summer flew by and then was over before I knew it.  I still feel like they are just away at Grandma's or a friends.  It's not real yet.    

I have a lot of catching up to do.  I haven't blogged in weeks and am going to pay for it when I try and upload all my summer pictures.  Boy Howdy this will take me awhile.  Even without my good camera I seemed to take a lot of pictures of what we did around here. We didn't go on vacation, we didn't do anything spectacular we

The saddest part of our summer was that the day Tom finished up his Masters Program at ASU (which he spent the entire summer going M-Thur at night) the girls went back to school.  Very little Daddy time was had around our house this summer.  It was just me and the girls.  Maybe that's why it seemed to go by so fast.  I loved spending time with them everyday.  We had a great summer together and I enjoyed every second.

I'll be updating soon.  I have pictures to sort and then WHAM!  Before you know it there will be 200 new posts on here (kidding - only kidding).

Talk soon,


uniquelynat said...

i LOVE your new banner! it soooo says "garden view cottage"!!! very fitting of that title! and your door- LOVE it!

Sarah said...

Love it!

onehm said...

Looks gorgeous!! And I can't wait for the update!!