Friday, August 20, 2010


I had my two nephews come over one day to play with Miss Abbs.  Cassidy was in Missouri for a week (that's another post) and Miss Abbs was one lonely girl.  We haven't seen the boys enough latley so I went and picked them up for a day of fun.  When my brother Kurt came to pick them up he brought presents!

They had to put them together first.  Have you ever seen these?  They come as one sheet of the thinnest wood that you have to pop out the pieces then slide the pieces into place.  Once they are put together they are so much fun to fly.  After some different flying techniques the kids figured out how to make them fly straight and high, do crazy tricks and Abby had her's doing perfect loop-de-loops!  

Abby and Garrett got the hang of it pretty fast.  Even though it was HOT outside.  They had so much fun.
Zac needed some extra help from his Daddy.  But I think that might have been his favorite part.


Grandma T. said...

Love your new header. And...your front door is lovely.

onehm said...

My boys LOVE to go to the hardware store with Daddy just so they can get one of these!! :) Aren't they so much fun?

Lisa said...

we've had fun with those planes before too. CUTE pics!