Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Fun in The Mountains

We escaped the heat one day with some friends and boy-howdy was it FUN!
Look at all those happy kids!
We stopped off at the Fish Hatchery which was by the creek we wanted to swim in.  
The kids loved seeing all the fish in different sizes.  
I just couldn't believe the weather!  
So cool and refreshing!
These were the little fish.  
They had different tanks with the different sized fish in them.  
I didn't get any pictures of the biggies but MAN they were HUGE!

We went driving up this old road trying to find the best place to go swimming.  
My kids thought it would be fun to not wear seatbelts and hang out the windows.  
I guess if you are out in the woods things can get lax.  
Plus....lets face it.....I wanted to be a cool Mom.

I love this picture of Miss Abbs.  
Such a perfect summertime picture♥

We found some water even though we had to do some hiking to get there.  
The kids had some fun....maybe a little too much fun!

Sisters are the best!
I'm so glad they have each other♥

Cassidy was the best helper!  She helped us three Mom's with our bags, towels, small children, lunches.  
She seemed to be everywhere helping everyone.  
At one point she had a 5 year old on her hip while pulling this boat with all the stuff piled in.  
She was a lifesaver for sure!
We had some other big kids that we helpers too, I'm just bragging about Cass♥

Look at those trees. 
Now that's not something you see everyday in the desert!
I was in awe it was so green and so beautiful!
On the way home this is what the temperature was.  
Pure Heaven!!
Quite a change from 116 that was the temp back on the home front!  
We didn't want to come home and we were trying to figure out how to go back. 
So far it hasn't happened but next summer.....we will be there for at least a week!


Webb Family said...

You post about our fun trip, now I need to steal some of the photos to post on my blog.
We will make sure & go again and stay longer:)

Becca said...

I love going to the mountains when it is so hot. I'm glad you guys got to go, it looked like a very fun trip.

Christi said...

Where was this? I'm always on the lookout for cool day trips!

Anny said...

What a great trip. I love the picture of Abby hanging out the window. Miss you