Sunday, September 19, 2010

12 on the 12th - August, Thursday

1.  teaching a photography class for Enrichment night at the church.
2.  Cassidy in the car before school
3.  dreaming of a new camera......someday
4.  the kids getting off the bus after school.  (love Coopers face in this one)
5.'s still hot
6.  pretty painted toes on my pretty girls
7.  my honey on the way to work
8.  my favorite Sunday breakfast on Thursday - YUM!
9.  Miss Abbs on the way to school
10. more school supplies needed for 6th grade
11. making lunches for my sweeties
12. self portrait - curled my hair today. wish it would stay like that and not frizz.

these are not in order (obviously) I need to find a better way to put my pictures in a grid so they are in order.
other than that and me being a month and a week late in posting these - I still love doing this each month♥ always..if you want more info on 12 on the 12th go HERE..

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