Thursday, September 16, 2010

5 on Friday

My life is not slowing down.  In fact it's getting busier by the day and I have no idea how to rectify this.  I'm behind in most things: laundry, house upkeep, blog, bank accounts, cooking for my family (we have been eating out a-lot and I hate that!) and unfinished project.  I thought for sure once school stated I would have mroe time but it's just the opposite. 

Since I haven't sat down to my computer in a week - I haven't downloaded my pictures to blog.  I'm doing a catch up post here at work (shhh) and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can get pictures on this weekend.

For now I'm doing 5 on Friday of my favorite sites latley
(when I have time to look of course)

5.  Nesting place - 10 easy ways to decorate for fall
4.  Daisey Pink Cupcake  she has the cutest carnival party and a photo list of white kitchens that made me sigh
3.  The Farm Chicks - cake and cupcake flags
2.  Etsy - camera straps
1.  Life - my favorite real life - everyday blog right now (plus she lives in my town!)

1 comment:

Susie said...

You're not giving me any hope. I thought life would slow down the older my children get. Busier! Ahhhh! BTW, I liked yoru Oval office post. :)