Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cutie-Patutie Nate

I just found out the THE Nate Berkus was here....right here at my favorite mall eating dinner and jogging around in the morning in his baseball cap and I MISSED IT!!!!

Now I tend to think that I am in the know in most areas of excitement.  (At least that's what my friend Mindy tells me) but now I am questioning myself.  How could I not know this?  Sheesh!

I found out after reading The Domestic Bliss blog and then linking over to read the whole story here on the Inspired Room.  Mr. Nate came to re-do this couples home in Queen Creek.  Remember them?  They got married on the Today Show and Martha Stewart planned the whole wedding? (sigh)  They are now seen around town and I can't wait to run into them and ask them all about it.  (you know I will too and whoever I'm with will be completely mortified but I'm brave like that - wink)

Anyway, I'm going to hop on over to Nate's blog and see if I can't sign up somewhere to have him come do my front needs help BAD!!!

Enjoy the links....I did!

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