Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting Ready for the Spooky Day

Yesterday while I was taking a nap my darling girls got all the 
Halloween stuff out and decided to start decorating.  
They got as far as unpacking everything and leaving it out 
in the middle of the family room floor before they got bored.
They did however put the black crow up and the two skulls in a proper place.  
I hope they don't feel bad when I move them after I clean up their lovely mess.
They hung the advent calendar up and figured out who was going to move the candy corn on what day.  

I think tonight for family night we will finish decorating for Halloween.  
It's here even though it still feels like April to me. 
Where did the time go?  It's flying by faster than I can keep track of. 
Hopefully it will cool off soon so it will feel fall-ish. 

**question:  do you decorate for Halloween in a cute way or a scary way? **
(we do classic and cute with one glittery black skull that truthfully is more cute than scary)

1 comment:

Webb Family said...

Love the pictures of Abby!!!
She is such a cutie I love her cute little nose.
And, I saw her in action the other night. She is one strong chick.