Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 25 Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Things I learned on Vacation While Traveling Across the Country
1.  Everyone says Kansas is ugly.  When you compare it to New Mexico it's very beautiful!
2.  Driving across the country takes a long, very love time.
3.  We learned a lot about farming: it's very profitable, you have to watch the harvest trucks with an eagle eye and it's very beautiful.
4.  Mid-West America is small town living.
5.  Denver CO looked nothing like imagined it would.
6.  Missouri is beautiful.
7. You can rent a shower at truck stops...who knew?
8. When you see old friends and family after many years it's like time hasn't passed.
9.  Small town high school football is HUGE!!!
10. Vail CO is Gods country.
11. I'm the worst - repeat - WORST navigator!  Even with GPS and a huge McNally map I got us lost twice.
12. It's nice to have a truck that pulls a trailer.....and we don't have a truck.
13. Holiday Inn Express is hotel snobbiness went right out the window and I fell in love with this 2** Hotel chain.
14. The Amish people will be fine in the event of hard times.  They are living the ultimate "green" and their children are beautiful.
15.  I've never seen bigger hay bail/rolls in all my life!  How do they move those things?
16. Colorado is the Subaru capitol.
17. Tom learned that his brother Mike is better at manual.  Tom was tired and his brother deflated him by saying that was an easy day!
18. Missouri had the best fuzzy caterpillars.  I wanted to bring them all home with me.
19. States we covered: New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Arizona.
20. Hot Tamales are great on road trips.  Eat a handful of those every now and then and it perks you right up.
21. Baby wipes are essential for a road trip.  I keep them in my car 24/7.  They are great for spills, sticky fingers and most importantly - face refreshers.
22. You never get tired of hearing dam jokes while going over a dam.
23. Sadly people who go the exact speed limit are either old or illegal.
24. Pandora is awesome while driving through the great plains and vast desert.
25. Spending a week with my sweet little family was the best part of all.

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