Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fun with Abby

We here in Arizona have our seasons a tad off.  In the fall when all the rest of the USA is getting ready for winter, enjoying beautiful autumn foliage and wearing sweaters we are planting pansies, geraniums and petunias, swimming in our pools and we still have our A/C on full blast. 

In January in Arizona when the east coast is covered in white our leaves start turning beautiful reds, oranges and yellows.  It gets chilly and we can finally pull out our sweaters and sometimes a coat and scarf.  This is our fall.  It's lovely.

We have a huge greenbelt (large park) at the end of our street.  All the Ash trees have been dropping their leaves like crazy and the kids have been in heaven!  Abby and Michael (the boy across the street) have swept (because we don't have a rake) the leaves into a HUGE pile.  I'm talking large, ginormous, extremely big!  So big in fact that four children could run and jump into the pile and you wouldn't be able to see any of them.

Take a gander at the fun that's been being had over here in our wacky Arizona weather.

   ***please don't use my pictures without my permission****

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Lisa said...

Fun Fun! Hey our girls have those same boots!