Thursday, January 6, 2011

Never to Old to Dress Up

Over Christmas break the kids had so much fun with the dress-up clothes I've been storing in the garage. You know that old saying, out of site - out of mind? Well these have been out of site for at least a year and it was like they had brand new toys to play with! I love that.

They drug both huge totes out onto the driveway and must have changed costumes 256 times each. Except for Michael....I only have tow boy costumes - a prince/king and a soccor player. He was fine and dandy as the King. Would you blame him? Look at all the little princesses he has to dote on him!

Michaels little brother Ryan wanted to lay but didn't want to dress up. Cute tender moment with these two little guys.

Michael and Abby play endlessly and never get tired of eachother. Isn't it nice to have a friend who lives right across the street and is at your door the minute you get home everyday? I'm so thankful for all the children we have in our neighborhood. They sure make playtime FUN!

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