Friday, January 7, 2011

Harley and Berkeley

My brother Joey came over before Christmas so I could take pictures of his boys.  It was to be a surprise present for his wife.  These boys are complete opposites except for the fact that they are so darn cute.

I mean look at Berkeley.  He's almost 3 and I could just eat up those cheeks!  He's the spitting image of my brother when he was that age.  Grandparents always say, "he/she looks just like so and so at that age!"  I always thought, "how in the world do they remember that?"  Now I know.  I was 10 when Joey was this age and oh boy can I remember every time I look at this little guy! 

Harley is getting to be so big!  He towers over his cousin that is the same age.  I bet he plays football when he gets bigger like his older cousin Caleb.  He doesn't like to look at the camera but we got a few of him smiling and showing us his beautiful eyes.

Look at those eyelashes! Curly and long.  So not fair!  Thanks Joey for letting me take pictures of your sweet boys!  I loved doing it!

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robin said...

i've been waiting to see pictures of joey's boys! thanks for sharing these... they're so cute!

good job, joey. and yes, berkeley looks just like him and i think harley looks like your mom.