Friday, February 25, 2011

Busy, Busy

Man this week has been busy!
I haven't had a single moment to sit down and check the computer.
I've checked Facebook and Tumblr from my phone when I'm waiting for kids or in a long line but I don't think that counts.  It's a phone......not my normal computer fix.

My Aunt is coming in from New Mexico this weekend.  My BIL is here staying with us this week and my whole family is coming over on Sunday for our monthly birthday celebration.  Clausen Cafe and Boarding House will officially have No Vacancy (that's what my parents would call our house growing up since we always had people staying with us.  We lived in a tourist destination and it was a great excuse to see family and friends.  They even had a sign made and it hung in our dining room)  I love that our house in the "hang-out-house".  It never gets old.

So on the menu and to-do list for my little Cafe and Boarding House:

Southwest Chicken Salad
Omelets and Bacon and French Toast Sticks
Brownie Sundaes for Sunday Night
Joe's B-B-Q (fingers crossed)
Baked Potato Soup with grilled turkey, tomato, spinach sandwiches
(the boys were a little nervous about the spinach in the sandwich but...they loved it!)
1. wash sheets & towels
2. clean bathrooms, vacuum
3. stock the fridge

It's going to be a fun weekend!
Hey maybe I should re-name my house Gardenview Cottage Bed and Breakfast!
I love it♥

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Mardi said...

Busy place you have. When we build our guest house, we had more company that summer than we had even had in the 11 years we lived in Evanston. So if you build it, they will SOOOO true. Can wait to get together this summer.