Monday, February 28, 2011


This Month, February marks a major milestone in my life. 
I can't let the month end without me taking a minute to document it. 

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 25 years this month 
and been cancer free for 2 years.


What a journey.  
It hasn't been an easy journey and I have learned a lot.
Patience, heartache, acceptance, humility, endurance, and strength.
Not physical strength - mental and spiritual strength.
I have also been blessed with amazing people in my life who have loved me for who I am and stood by me through multiple surgeries, years when I didn't feel good (say 24 years) and loads of medical bills, grouchy days, sad days, physical therapy days.

I was talking to a friend awhile back telling her that I wish my parents were alive 
(for many more reasons than this one) 
so I could ask them how they taught me to live with my challenge.  
How did they help me to not blame people and have a chip on my shoulder and how in the world did they help me see the positive vs. the negative.  Because automatically I look for the positive in most things.  
It comes naturally.  
How did they teach me that and how can I teach that to my girls?  
Oh how I wish I could ask them.

Having had a physical challenge for most of my life wouldn't have been something I would have wanted.  
But I can say with all honesty that I am thankful for those challenges.  
It's made me who I am and I like who I have become.  


I have survived and I sure hope I have another 25 years to become even better!


robin said...

congratulations on being cancer free! i had no idea you had had cancer...

Jenifer said...

You are so amazing. I wish you knew how much I admire you! Congrats on being cancer free!

uniquelynat said...

cara you are amazing! love and look up to you so much! and i think you could only learn so much from your parents- i believe that most of your attitude is who you were before you were born. you just came that way. (not to take anything away from your wonderful parents though!)

here's to another 25 years!

AZ Smurfette said...


Megan said...

Congratulations on the great milestones! I hope you continue to stay cancer free. (That in itself is a huge accomplishment.) Way to go!


Praise The Lord! :-)

Edie Mindell said...

This is a very inspiring post, and you are an equally inspiring woman. Congrats on being cancer-free.:-) You are a very brave woman.:-)