Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Week ♥Day 2♥

Top 10 Tuesday on Love Week

Things I Love Right Now:

10.  swirl it - frozen yogurt
      (close to home, u pick the toppings, pay by the oz, great for gifts)
9.    my very, very clean house
      (swept, vacuumed, dusted, bathrooms, carpets cleaned, laundry done!)
8)    two black garbage bags of junk out of Abby's room!
7)    having us be back to our healthy selves after a horrid 10 days of sickness.
6)    A.J.'s desserts for our Valentine treats. YUM!
5)    playing Uno two nights in a row with the family♥
4)    The House at Riverton by Kate Morton - I am loving it!
3)    my girls teachers at school.  They are beyond amazing.
2)    today was 77 when I went to pick up the girls from the bus.  Can't beat that!
1)    feeling better than ever about everything.  Life is good right now!  I'm so thankful.

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1 comment:

The {Prince} Family said...

oooh oooh come clean my house next! :) I am glad you are having a great week so far.... that is always nice.

Miss you girly!