Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Pictures of the Week

Everyday while I wait for the kids at the bus stop 
I am amazed with how many nests are in this tree!  

I loved looking at this box of hats and pile of pom-poms sitting on my kitchen floor.
It's so happy!

Miss Abby bought me tulips for Christmas and they are starting to pop up out of my planter!  
I can't wait♥  
Tulips are one of my favorites.

5 little monkeys sitting in my bed.......
My family came over Sunday night and the little's were restless so I put them in my bed with popcorn and a movie and surprisingly they were content and happy for a good HOUR!
(Zac, Abby, Garrett, Will, Sara Jane and Flower the cat)

Cassidy made hot chocolate for all the neighbor kids playing outside.
She's so SWEET!
Well, that's my week in pictures.  
Tomorrow is 12 on the 12th so I will be have a whole slew more to show ya!
Have a fun weekend.


AZ Smurfette said...

I love your Budweiser box the hats are in. HA!

classic • casual • home said...

How cute are those little monkeys? Reminds me of my family growing up.

crystal b. said...

Did you make the hats in the box?? I LOVE them!! I want to make some just so I can look at them every now and then. I might even buy a vintage manaquin head to display the party hat. Super cute. Do you have a pattern??