Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get Away

We stole the kids away from their real life and took one more trip to Disneyland before our passes ran out.  The weather was bliss and I'm so thankful we were able to be together just the four of us.

I'm so blessed to have this sweet girl.  She is so helpful and obedient and a wonderful example to her little sister!  Plus she loves Disneyland the most.  On the way home we were talking about what trips we would like to take in the future.  Tom said we probably wont be coming back to Disneyland in a long time.  She said "how long Dad?"  he said "oh I don't know 3 years?"  Cassidy said with a sad little voice, "but that means I would be 15!" I just love her!

The girls didn't want to leave without seeing the princesses.  If Cassidy knew I was posting this she would die but I can't help it, even Tom and I love to see the magic that Disney has to offer and those Princesses are the most magical of all!

Abby wanted to dress up for our fun day.  This is the costume she found out in our costume box.  I think all the other dresses have been worn to death or are too small.  Cassidy did a fantastic job on her hair and Abby saved her chopsticks from lunch the day before to put in her hair.  (she thought of it all by herself- clever girl)  We were in the park all of about 15 minuets before she was sweating to death and asked if she could take it off.  Good thing she wore clothes under it!

The firework show was amazing.  I'm not a fan of the new policy that Disneyland has where they make everyone stand up in the designated areas for up to an hour before and squish you in like sardines to see the show.  There was no parade this year and luckily we rode rides while everyone was in line and then walked almost to the exit to see the fireworks.  We were among the first to leave and miss the stampede.  (just kidding, it wasn't crowded so we were fine)

 I love this picture.  Tom loves these girls so much!   And he is the #1 BEST Disneyland Dad ever.
We found a new place to eat this trip.  Big Thunder Ranch BBQ.  You get all you can eat and a fun little show and a TON of food.  How have we missed this before?   I'm talking all - you-can-eat-and-drink!  unheard of at Disneyland where you can't even get a refill on your soda.  Plus we got a skookie for dessert that could have fed 8 people instead of our 4.  Don't worry though, we ate the whole thing!  (I gained 3 pounds on this trip thank you very much!)  The portions are HUGE, the food was fantastic and the service and atmosphere were perfect!  Will do that one again (when Cass is 15 of course - wink)
It was a fun trip, I'm thankful for my sweet family and for their wonderful teachers who didn't curse my name when I told them I was taking them out of school.  Sometimes you just need to make family time and this was one of those times. 

(thanks blogger app I loved posting this from my phone! - pictures are from my phone too! Who said iphones where the only cool phone........Droid has got it going on!)

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robin said...

best kept secret of disneyland: free refills at big thunder ranch bbq.