Sunday, May 29, 2011

Living Room Re-Do

I don't know if I ever posted my before pictures of my living room.  This is actually the "after the grand piano moved to my brothers" before.  The before "when I had the grand piano" looked a lot better, not perfect but at least it flowed.  These before pictures are beyond hideous!

 After my brother took my Dad's grand piano to his house I was in a panic.  Miss Amberly had started taking piano lessons and was in love with playing the piano and practicing.  We needed a piano and fast.  Craig's list to the rescue and I now have my dream piano.  An old upright in perfect condition that has dreamy detail and sounds like my Dad's grand piano.

 The couch......well, that is another story.  My SIL sold me this down sectional when we moved in for a steal.  It had a shabby chic floral slipcover on it and I was a happy camper.  It fit the room with the grand piano and all was right in the world.  Until.........the beginning of the year when I started to hate that floral grandma slipcover.  It was by then 10 years old and had seen better days and lets face and green floral is out!  So I took the slipcover off and WHA_LA!  a white couch....for free!  I had every intention of just ordering a new slipcover because this couch was in great condition, it just needed a makeover.  What I didn't know was that a new slipcover would cost.....$1000.  Ummmmm I don't think so.  So back to Craig's List where I sold that couch to two young collage girls who adored it and gave it a new home.  

 I then took my earnings and headed over to IKEA and bought that white slip-covered couch for next to nothing and haven't missed the old couch one BIT!  

 I needed a ottoman and the IKEA one wasn't doing it for me so I made one.  Plywood, foam, staple gun and
some fabulous fabric from the $5 fabric store.  My friend Chelsa helped me sew the slipcover and when my sewing machine broke she took it home and had her sweet Mom finish it.  My friends Brooke and Paige helped me hang curtains, rearrange the furniture and hang pictures.  They were just what I needed to help get this room exactly how I imagined it.  Thanks girls!  I owe you BIG♥
 The framed art I got at a garage sale for a total of $10.  I tried to go lower but the guy wasn't having it so I gave him a $10 and never looked back.  That pediment is one of my all time favorite things.
 The chair was $20 from another garage sale that Chelsa bought for her house but stored at my house and when we re-did the living room I told her she couldn't have it back (wink).  Good thing she loves me.  The desk was my Dad's that has been in my house since before I was born.  He knew I wanted to paint it (it had seen better days) but told me "you have to wait until I'm gone before you can paint that.  When we were painting it last year Tom reminded me of Dad's statement and I couldn't help but grin.  He knew me so well.

The piano sits front an center and is Miss Amberly's place of refuge.  She seems to spend more time at that piano than anywhere else.  In fact she spends more time in this room than anyone else.  I think she has claimed it for her own and I hope she makes special memories here.  
 I love this room now and the bright yellow makes me smile every time I walk in the room. I love the peace and calm feeling I get when we walk in the front door and I'm not embarrassed anymore when people come over.  Oh what a little update can do to lift your spirits!

** tomorrow I'll post more pictures of the room**


Christi said...

I love everything about that room! I think the piano is my favorite, though. What a score!

Grandma T. said...

You certainly have a magic touch for making things look good. AND you are an amazing shopper. I never replied about the yellow fabric with birds - but I love it. The piano is gorgeous and the IKEA couch and ottoman look so stylish and comfortable. Your family will have a lot of enjoyment in this room.

robin said...

it looks amazing! when i scrolled down to the first picture of your redo, i thought it was a catalog picture or something... it took me a while to figure out that it was actually your house! it's beautiful!
and that piano! i would die.

to answer your question, i LOVE pinterest. but i never used tumblr so i can't compare.

Mardi said...

You did great. Good for you!

christi said...

what a bright and cheery room! love the change. i've been debating buying that ikea couch so i want to know how it holds up for you! i need to brighten our space ... the brown isn't doing it for me anymore!

So many STARS so little time! said...

Oh it's been too long. It looks so different. You did a great job. You always do! Beautiful, cheery, flowery, modern, perfect!

AZ Smurfette said...

SO so SOOOO cute!!!! it's so cozy too! I'm coming over!