Monday, May 30, 2011

Finnishing Touches

 I love old books.  I have an old book obsession.  These two pictures have some of my books but not the "old" ones.  When my Dad's Aunt Deedee passed away he was able to inherit some of her amazing things.  My favorites are the 110 year old wicker furniture set (that now sits on my back porch) and her book collection.  I love these old books and have tried to use as many as I can throughout the house.  Sadly I don't have room for them all and half of the collection is up in the attic. 
Yes, I know "the work and the glory" isn't old but it's colorful and I love color.

 Tom got me this clock for my birthday this year.  
I have several throughout the house (most don't work) but this one is perfect for over the piano.♥
 These are some of my favorite pictures in the whole house.  
The frames I got at Kirkland Home for $11., took the art out that they had in them, spray painted them and added our family pictures. 
 My Dad had an apple collection that my brother got.  So I started my own apple collection.  I haven't added to it because I think more than three would be a little much. (wink) The red apple was my Great Grandma's and has a hidden surprise inside.  I'll do a post on that later.
 I remember my Mom making these frames when I was in Jr. High.  She searched for just the right picture of my brothers and I for each frame.  When she passed away I just has to have them.  Whenever I see these it reminds me of her and how much she loved each one of us.
 Here's a great idea!  Bronze a child's shoe with.....bronze spray paint!  This is Cassidy's 3 yr old shoe that her pre-school teacher "bronzed" for a Mother's Day gift.  She then had the kids plant a flower in a plastic cup and stick in the shoe.  So Cute!  I have this on the little white desk as a memento.
I have to have a "spot" for the "stuff".  Backpacks, shoes, jackets, random toys I find on the floor.  I fully believe in corralling the "stuff" in one spot so it can be easily picked up and put away by the small ones (kids).
Plus, it's a lot easier to say to the small ones "GO LOOK ON THE HOOK!"when they say "where is my backpack/jacket/shoes/purse?"

Do you have a "spot" for all the STUFF?
What's your favorite heirloom thing to collect?
Have you ever really bronzed a child's shoe?


Mardi said...

You did a great job! I am going to be in town from June 19 - July 2. We need to get together.

robin said...

i need a "spot" so badly. right now it just all gets dumped on the floor by the door. NOT very welcoming! but i have "renters laziness"... you know, when you don't want to do anything too cute because you're just renting. that's me.

and i love those pictures of you and your brothers! it reminds me of when i was in primary with joey and i thought i HAD to marry one of the boys in my primary class. i thought that's all there were! joey clausen or david green...